Shanghai Liangheng Wood Working Co., Ltd. (our company) was founded in Songjiang District, Shanghai City in 2008. Since it was founded, the export volume of our company has increased steadily year by year. In 2017, in order to respond to the government call, expand the scale and upgrade equipment, our company was renamed Fujian Joy Window Treatment Co., Ltd. and relocated in Hua’an Economic Development Zone, Zhangzhou City. Enjoying excellent export conditions, our company, with the annual production capacity of over 300 thousand square meters and a team of over 300 professionals, has built a famous shutter brand, ANYHOO. At the same time, due to our advanced management philosophy, first-rate production equipment, standard production processes and strong quality and brand awareness, our company has always been at the forefront in the industry.


At present, the products are divided into five categories: finished basswood shutters, paulownia shutters, PVC shutters, PVC shutters components, and Aluminum shutters. Starting from the selection of raw materials, we all use new materials that are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, green and healthy, and strictly follow European and American SGS and international standards to ensure the wide application and promotion of products in developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Deformation Technology
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Production process control and precautions of solid wood shutters:A. Raw materials: There are BASSWOOD (basswood)/ASH WOOD/MARUPA/CEDAR/KIRI WOOD (Paulownia) and other Yunnan white woods.B. Process...
According to the principle of frame structure design in most modern domestic buildings, the selection and purchase of windows is indispensable in the process of home decoration and decoration, and ...
Venetian blinds (curtain decoration renderings) are divided into two types: fixed type and movable type. It is formed by connecting and folding many sheets. It not only has the functions of ventila...
A. Vertical blindsProduct features: The curtains are vertical and flat, with even intervals, neat and bright lines, and excellent decorative effect. Pvc vertical louvers have the characteristics of...
The production process of wooden shutters  A. Raw materials: There are BASSWOOD (basswood)/ASH WOOD/MARUPA/CEDAR/KIRI WOOD (Paulownia) and other Yunnan white woods.B. Process:1. Purchase the sheet ...
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